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Hello and Welcome!

AAA CENTURY APPLIANCE LLC was established in the S.Florida Area in 2003. From the beginning we have worked diligently to gain the trust and confidence of our Clients by offering the Very Best Value and Service for their appliance repair needs.

We believe in Recruiting Experienced and Knowledgeable Technicians, as well as Professional Administrative Staff, who believe in our VISION to provide a simplified and effective approach to an Industry that has neglected to maintain Top Level Service Standards.

For the general public, when calling most Retailers, Banks, even the local Grocery Store, the simple courtesy of "Please", "Thank you", and "May I..."

are almost NONEXISTENT. These are simple words but they convey a mutual respect and consideration which can make an ordinary interaction a much better experience. We embrace these small pleasantries and aim to ensure conversations are informative as well as efficient.

We have never had a client call "Thrilled" or "Beaming with Happiness" that their appliance malfunctioned. Most of the time it can be a pretty inconvenient, stressful, and confusing experience. We understand every situation is different and that you may have unique appliance repair needs and a budget that is important to you. We want to reduce feelings of anxiety and reassure our clients that we will try our best to correct the malfunction, so they can return to their regular lives as soon as possible. It's that simple.

WE'VE MADE IT OUR MISSION.....to earn our client's Trust by offering you

Simple, Honest, Professional, service. We are ready to assist you with genuine interest for your concerns.

IT IS OUR OBLIGATION......to provide Competitive Pricing that reflects the Regional Industry Standard.

IT IS OUR GOAL......Our clients enjoy the Standard of Service we provide so much that you feel Comfortable and Confident to refer Friends, Family, & Colleagues' in the future. There is no advertisement more beneficial or sincere than that of a Satisfied & Happy Client's Referral.